Boiling Lake #2

Tailored for Cruise Ship Travelers


  • The world's largest of its kind Boiling Lake (200ft/64m wide)
  • Full Day of hiking
  • The landscape scenic views
  • Hot Springs & Mud Pools
  • The hottest Caribbean Lake (88-95 C or 190-203 F degrees)

Tour Description

A Boiling Lake Tour is unmissable for able-bodied visitors.  Allow at least 6 hours (3-3 ½ hours one way) for this geological adventure, suggested as the best hike in Dominica and the wider Caribbean.  It’s the perfect hike for travelers seeking a mix of physical challenge, beauty and simply to escape large crowds.  The Boiling Lake tour is a hike you will remember for life, often described as one of the most exhilarating hiking experiences had by our previous clients.  As a flooded fumerole on an active volcanic chain, the lake is the largest of its kind in the World.

The Boiling Lake is located within Dominica’s largest national park, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The trail starts at the village of Laudat and begins with moderate hiking through secondary rainforest, before ascending into cloud forest and then down into the fumarole vegetation. The plants along the forested trail are very diverse, some of which are only found in this region.  Many of these plant species have interesting uses, which we happily share with you.

Beginning at Ti Tou Gorge, the narrow trail is a continuous journey up, over and down high altitude ridges there and back. Most of the trail is paved with wooden logs and reinforced steps, plus there are a few small river crossings. It’s advisable to check the weather forecast before planning a hike, as rainfall will increase the duration.  We strongly recommend against people attempting this treacherous hike without a local guide.  Even experienced hikers have received serious 2nd and 3rd degree burns from accidents occurring along this trail.

Tour overview

Depart Ship/Yacht

15-20 Minutes bus ride from Ship dock to the trailhead

Trail Head/Starting Hike

Hike/Trail intro

Do's & Don'ts

Stop 1

Introduction to forest vegetation

Overview: Dominica

Overview: Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Stop 2

Overview: Fauna - with possible wildlife sightings

Close up viewing: Native plants

Stop 3

Close up viewing: Aromatic/medicinal plant

Stop 4

Overview: Root Systems

Overview: Forest Structure

Stop 5

Overview: Plant adaptation and growth forms

Stop 6

Photo stop - enjoy the view of the mountains!

Stop 7

Photo stop of the mountains & Caribbean Sea

Snack break (optional)

Stop 8

Photo stop of the crater (known as the "Valley of Desolation") and the Boiling Lake in the distance

Snack break (optional)

Stop 9

Close up viewing: the mud pool and fumaroles

Snack break (optional)

Stop 10

Close up viewing: Boiling Lake, from within 5 meters

Lunch break

Stop 11

Bathing in the warm mineral springs

Stop 12

Freshwater swimming at Ti Tou Gorge

Return to Ship/Yacht in adequate timing

15-20 minute bus ride from the trailhead to reach the ship in adequate timing before ship departure.