Obligatory hike!

We got a guide for this hike, the knowledgeable and amazing botanist Elvis Stedman! Although it is possible to do this hike without a guide we highly recommend hiring one. Elvis raised our hike to perfection with his vast knowledge, patience and comfortable personality.

The walk is a tough one, about 3.5 hours each way with frequent stops where our guide showed and explained to us about the flora, fauna, geology and history of the area and Dominica. The hike consists of going up and down practically the whole way in beautiful and wild terrain on often slippery and muddy trails. You will see jungle, rain forest, rivers, hot springs (where you can bathe), geothermal active ground and the fascinating boiling lake. Make sure to wear good hiking shoes, preferably hiking boots. Bring water and food! If you're with a guide who can point out the two safe water sources, a bottle of 0.5 litters pr. person is enough.