Boiling Lake Trail

Elevation ProfileAll you need to know about the Dominica Boiling Lake Trail, up-to-date information about getting there, guides, how to do the Boiling Lake, when and why.

Please Note:

1. The Government of Dominica Strongly Recommends Travelers in having a certified Boiling Lake Tour Guide. YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT WITHOUT A GUIDE.

2. Apps attempted to be used is often not accurate, miss guiding traveling off to close or eroded section, resulting in them being lost or having to following paid guided groups, also these apps are increasing forcing traveling using these apps to create new trails destroying the fragile ecosystem faster.

The information here is mainly to prepare you for the hike and fact about the trail.

Dominica ultimate hiking trail, the Boiling Lake trail is only accessed via the village of Laudat (Dominica's highest village), its a 14 miles hike in total, most of the trail is within the Morne Trios Piton National park, a World Heritage site.

Boiling Lake Trail MapCertified Boiling Tour Guides

Having a certified Boiling Lake Tour is not just recommended, it's essential in having to navigate the many unclear selections, avoiding the risk of burns in the Valley of Desolation.

When to travel to the Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake hike is a rather long and interesting one, therefore hikers should not attempt after 9:30 in the morning, and is open throughout the year.

What Needed for the Boiling Lake Trail

Hike to the Boiling Lake requires good hiking or running shoes, lunch/snacks, at least 1 liter of water per person, walking is recommended but optional.