About Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica, is one of the least known islands in the Caribbean, often confused with the Dominican Republic. It's an English speaking colonial island once ruled by British, however, it has a strong French influence, which can be observed in the Creole language, music, names of places, etc.

The island's rough wilderness and natural beauty has earned it the name, 'Nature Island of the Caribbean'.  Situated in the center of the Eastern Caribbean Island chain, the island itself is positioned between two French Caribbean Islands, Guadeloupe to the North and Martinique to the South.

Fact About Dominica:

Official Name: Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica Population: 69,000 inhabitants, mostly decendents from Africa, and the small indigenous Kalinago population of 3,500


  • English (official Language)
  • English (Widely)
  • Creole (Among some)

Island Size:

  • 16m. (25km) wide
  • 29m. (46km) long
  • 289.9 sq. miles (750 sq km)

Major Mountains:

Morne Dailotin -1,447m (4,747ft)

Morne Trois Pitons -1,386.8m (4,550ft)

Morne Watt -1,424m (4,017ft)

Morne Los Resouces - 3,798ft

Morne Anglais  - 3,683ft

Morne Nicholls  - 3,168ft

Currency:  E.C Dollar (Eastern Caribbean Currency Dollar) conversion is $ 1.00 USD = 2.67 e.c

How to get to Dominica (No Direct International Flights)

Main hubs in to Dominica:

  • Barbados
  • Antigua
  • Martinique
  • Guadeloupe
  • Puerto Rico


Main Airlines:

  • Air Antilles
  • Liat


Main Ferries:

  • Express de Isle
  • Val Ferry



  • Canefield Airport
  • Melville Hall Airport


Cruise Ship Port:

  • Roseau Ferry Terminal
  • Roseau Cruise Berth
  • Wood Bridge Bay Port


Capital: Roseau

Attractions and places of Interest:

Batibou Beach Boeri Lake Boiling Lake
Cabrits National Park Champagne Reef Emerald Pool 
Fresh Water Lake Indigenous / kalinago reservation Indian River
Jacko Fall Jacko Step Middleham Fall
Milton Fall Morne Diablotin Mountain Morne Anglais
Morne Trios Pitons Number 1 Beach Red Rock

Scotts Head

Secret Beach Waterfall Soufriere Bubble Beach Bath
Sultan Falls Sydicatenature Trail Ti Tou Gorge
Trafalgar Falls Victoria Falls Wotten Waven Sulphur Spring
Waitukubuli National Trail    



Flora & Fauna Facts:

  • 4 Snake Species
  • 4 confirm native Frog Species (two additional species have reportedly been introduced recently)
  • 11 Lizard Species
  • 12 Bat Species
  • Wild (Feral) Cat & Pig
  • Agouti & Opossum
  • 55 Butterfly Species
  • 178 Bird Species
  • 4 Turtle Species
  • 8 Whale Species
  • 14 Dolphin Species
  • over 3,000 Plant Species